Parcel Maps

California's Subdivision Map Act and local ordinance prescribes the process for legally dividing land and creating parcels.  In most cases, a division that results in four or fewer parcels is accomplished through a Parcel Map.

Mandatory Items

    1. Parcel Map Check Fee
    2. GIS Subdivision Mapping Fee
    3. As-Built Process Fee
  • Current Title Report (Less than three (3) months old)
  •  Copy of all deeds and easements referenced to the map
  •  Closure Calculations
  •  Conditions of Approval
  •  Dedications – if applicable (Fees Due upon submittal)
    1. Current Deed of Parcel
    2. Legal Description
    3. Plat
Once Map has been finalized and approved by City Engineer, please allow six (6) weeks for City Council approval. Three (3) wet signed copies of Subdivision Agreement (To be submitted along with finalized map)

Due Prior to Map Recordation

  • Securities (Bonds)
    • Performance Bonds
    • Labor Guarantee
    • Warranty Bond
  • Cash Monument Deposit
  • Survey Monument Letter (in lieu of Cash Monument Deposit)
  • Map Recordation Fee Check (made out to Stanislaus County Clerk-Recorder)