Effective, Responsive & Transparent Government

Joe, Public and Easel at Our Modesto Forum 2012Enhance the organizations’ commitment to the 9 principles of EMBRACE IT, develop new and creative methods to leverage technology, market organizational strengths and remain dedicated to seeking efficiencies and continuous improvement.

Learn about the Advisory Board, Meeting Information and Members.

Strategic Objectives & Strategies

A. Enhance the Marketing of City Services & Accomplishments

  • Increase use of social media and the City's website to promote city services and improve community engagement
  • Update the City's website

B. Improve Teamwork Through Enhanced Council, Executive Level, & Staff Communication Channels

  • Increase staff and elected official training opportunities on communication

C. Make Modesto an Employer of Choice

  • Conduct succession/workforce planning including development of recruitment and retention strategies

D. Make Informed Decisions Embracing Best Practices & Continuous Improvement

  • Administer an annual customer satisfaction survey
  • Benchmark key performance measures to assess performance and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Develop a 10 Year Financial Model

E. Implement Technology Solutions for Improved Efficiency & Service Delivery

  • Increase use of online/electronic options for conducting business with the City
  • Establish an information technology governance board for long range planning and oversight
  • Integrate enhanced technology solutions in the field
  • Digitization of all human resource functions/processes