Parking Garages


  • 9th Street Garage - 9th Street between K Street and L Street
  • 10th Street Garage - Corner of 11th Street and K Street
  • 11th Street Garage - 11th Street between I Street and J Street

Parking Garage Tips

  • Take your ticket with you Pay before returning to your vehicle
  • Take care of your ticket; do not fold, spindle, mutilate, place near cell phone or other magnet source. If you lose or damage your ticket, you will have to pay the daily maximum fee of $15.
  • Do not park in the driving lanes when paying your fee
  • Before retrieving your change from the bin be sure the machine is done dispensing
  • Press the intercom button if you need assistance or call 209-342-2216

Parking Fees

  • 6 a.m. - 6 p.m. $1.25 per hour
  • 6 p.m. - 6 a.m. $1.25 per hour
  • Lost or Damaged Ticket $15
All Garages have Automated Fee Collection Stations. Take your ticket with you. You must pay at the Automated Pay Station before returning to your vehicle.

Automated Pay Stations are located on the 1st Floor near the Elevator in each garage. At the large Pay Station you can pay with cash, coin, credit or debit card. At the smaller Express Parc you can pay with debit or credit card.

Always insert credit cards and tickets with the magnetic strip up and to the right.

ticket for parking garage
Parking kiosk
parking garage exit ticket reciptical
1. Take Ticket With You
2. Pay at Pay Station
3. Use paid ticket to exit

No Attendant?

Parking garages do not have attendants who collect cash on site. There are pay stations near the elevator on the first floor of each garage where you must pay your parking fee before returning to your vehicle. Read the easy to follow directions above. If you need assistance, call 209-342-2216.

11Th Street Garage (Between "I" & "J")

Pre-pay mode is available after 6:00 PM every day at the Pay Station. Pre-pay allows you to pay before going to your destination and alleviates some traffic congestion upon exit. Event days as well as Friday and Saturday are "pre-pay upon entry" after 5:00 PM.  Pre-paid parking fees alleviate traffic congestion when exiting the parking garage, since there is only one entrance and exit at this garage.

Special Events

 Pre-paying your parking fee may be necessary when there are large events downtown that have a significant impact to the operations, such as large festivals and the Amgen Tour. Pre-pay mode is made available at any parking facility for annual City events and evaluated on a case by case basis for other City special events. During pre-paid parking times, the City cannot honor merchant validations.